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A Spectacular Spectacle

Published about 2 months ago • 4 min read

Hi Reader,

Every day is a blank canvas, use this week's worth of canvases to make a beautiful collage that you'll be able to reflect on with peace, happiness, and joy!

House Keeping

In the Weekly Roundup that we send out every Saturday there is usually always a link that says something to the effect of "click this link to read our previous Newsletters." Because that message is standard for every roundup we usually don't change it. What has happened is that link has accumulated a "link-trail," where if you were to click that link over the as past two or so weeks, you would have gotten redirected to a preview page three to four times before getting to the proper content associated with that link.

That's my fault and it will be updated for this Saturday. Convertkit (of which I am an affiliate with) can sometimes stack links as already mentioned, so going forward I need to do a better job of being less lazy about re-linking that particular link. I apologize if that caused any confusion or inconvenience and it will be working properly this week.

I am taking off for the last two weeks of April. I am taking a much needed break from April 21-May 5, 2024. There will probably still be some social media content published during those weeks, but you will get no new Newsletter, articles, videos, republished content, or any activity of that sort during that time. I'll be back on our regular schedule Monday May 6th. I will give an update or reminder on this closer to when the time is coming.

Britts Crochet & Macrame X Life with Ken

We have an exciting collaboration starting today and happening for the rest of the month of April! For the rest of this month Life with Ken will be featuring Britts Crochet & Macrame!!

Britts Crochet & Macrame is an artisanal hand-crafted-with yarn and thread accessories business. It's owner, Brittany Wyche, crochets amazing pieces by hand using high quality materials and a special technique that ensures product elegance, durability, and longevity.

She has created a few products for Life with Ken which are available for purchase now in our store. She also makes made-to-order products as well. She has a diverse clientele and people enjoy her products and her passion. Check her products out and support Britts Crochet & Macrame on Life with Ken.

Shop now.

Click here to learn more about Britts Crochet & Macrame.

What I am Interested in This Week:

Solar Eclipse Day

Today, Monday April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cut directly across North America. This eclipse is special because it's one of the rare occasions where the sun, the moon, and the earth will all be in direct alignment with one another. The last total solar eclipse took place in 2017, and the next isn't supposed to happen until 2044. The eclipse is set to start around 2pm Eastern Standard time and if you're lucky enough to be in the path of totality, it could last for up to four minutes. The path of totality will cross 13 states in the U.S. from Texas to Maine. When totality is happening it will be safe to look at the eclipse directly, otherwise you want to make sure you have special eclipse glasses if you intended to gaze at the sky. Looking at a partial eclipse without eye protection could damage your retinas and or lead to blindness. Click here to read an article on this story.

America Should be in a Recession

In a forum done at Stanford Business School on April 3rd, Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell, expressed that America's current job growth is relatively unprecedented. in 2023 employment grew more than 3% in America. That was unexpected. Most people thought America would be in recession. It turns out that part of that economic boon has come from a surge in immigration since 2021. Immigrants are partly responsible for keeping America's economy afloat.

Powell said in this forum that America has been short labor for some time. In regards to our economic capacity we are characterized to be below capacity. This means not enough people are working to justify certain broad economic behaviors. The more people working, in theory the lower inflation would be in a healthy way, because dollars would be valuably circulated through the economy.

This is an interesting story to me because is this another indicator of America coming to an end at least as a super power if not as a nation all together. Job degradation erodes asabiyyah. When you have people who have to work two to three jobs to make ends meet and aren't being rewarded for such behavior, and you have laborers not native to a land lowering wages because they are willing to work for less, you end up with people buying out of the system. When enough people buy out of a system the system no longer remains. The real problem is the hoarding of profits at the top of the capitalist food chain.

Capitalists want to pay workers pennies on the dollar in the name of profit, get upset when they can't, then employ foreign labor who will do the work for less. The parlor trick is that then you have your leaders tell you that lower wages and more jobs are a good thing. More money for more people would have the same, similar, or even more of a positive output on an economy as less money for more people. This idea of more people having more money being bad for economics is flawed; and the fruit of that ideology is the slow death of a nation or at least group cohesion. Click here to read an article related to this story.

Word of Encouragement

This week I want to encourage you to keep your composure. Don't let them see you sweat. In fact, there is nothing to sweat over. Whatever challenge you may face this week, you got it! You were made to brilliantly conquer your obstacles. You've got what it takes to affect the change that you want to realize!

I enjoy getting to share with you, have an amazing week, and feel free to reach out.

Go check out the Britts Crohet and Macrame X Life with Ken feature on the main website!

All the best,


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