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Published about 1 month ago • 3 min read

Hey Reader,

One way to integrate yourself is by drawing on your past experiences. The Bible says to not despise your humble beginnings. For me sometimes my mistakes jump off the book of my life's past quicker, greater, and more frequently than my successes and accomplishments. Practice forgiveness, allow time to heal, make your peace, and don't torment yourself. Allow your past to inform your future and present, and be ready, willing, and able to experience a new familiarity.

Update from Ken

Hey I hope you are well! I want to give you an update on where Life with Ken is in our development. As a business and brand we are maturing. This July will mark 5 years of me doing this with the help of God. Without him for me this wouldn't be happening. Right now I am working on some project updates that we will hopefully announce. I also have my book that is in publication right now. I have some website updates that I want to get to as well, and we are continuing to look for ways to grow this audience.

Our social media revamp roll out seems to be successful thus far in terms of increased engagement, and we are working on growing our pages as well. And of course (pun not intended) we just released our latest course, Actualize Yourself. So good things are happening, I am praying for maybe a 5 year celebration of some sort and we are continuing to practice consistency as best as possible as we look for opportunities to expand our offerings. If you would like to know more about our goals and endeavors click here. Thank you for being the best part of us and we hope we can continually add value to your life.

I am Interested in This Week:

The Presidential Election Season is Underway

It's the rematch no American wants, Trump Vs. Biden. Both men being the presumptive nominees of their party, have set their sights on the general election. With Nikki Haley and Dean Phillips out of the race as of Super Tuesday and Marianne Williamson being unserious and noncompetitive, the committees of each respective party prepare to nominate their front guy. After what is being characterized as a "fiery speech" during the State of the Union address last week, Biden has officially kicked off his re-election campaign, traveling to virtually every battle ground state hours after his address. Trump has turned up his attacks on Biden as well saying, "everything Joe Biden touches turns to s***."

Cornell West, running as an independent, is nowhere to be found on the national stage and third party candidates are flailing. Cenk Uygur is still in the race though he as of right now he isn't allowed to run for president by the constitution (he's not a natural-born United States citizen). Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is making strides but is seen generally as a spoiler candidate and or unserious on the national stage. Some pundits are concerned that the couch will get the most votes this election cycle. Click here to read an article on this story.

Haiti in Duress

Haiti finds itself in another unfortunate yet characteristic crisis. Exacerbated by a lack of resources there are conflicts in Haiti right now as gangs demand for the resignation of their appointed prime minister. After the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in 2021, Ariel Henry has been the acting Prime Minister and President. Gang members and citizens alike are calling for his resignation saying that he is unelected and violating their constitution. The capital of Haiti, Port-au Prince, has been under siege since Moïse left on a diplomatic trip in February. He tried to return to his country last week but was unable to land his plane at the local airport, and has instead been in Puerto Rico. Gang leaders are calling for his resignation or else there will be genocide and civil war in the country. Click here to read an article on this story.

Word of Encouragement

This week I want to encourage you to pursue success. Get good at dong the thing(s) that produce meaningful results for you. Detach yourself from what you think a meaningful result should be. Money and status are a nice outcome but you don't need those things to be successful. You're successful when you are an attentive parent. You're successful when you are a loving partner. You can be successful by operating excellently. Get in the habit this week of being consistent at the thing(s) that matters to you. And effectively demonstrate that they matter.

Have a stupendous week!

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All the best,


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