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Published 21 days ago • 3 min read

Hi Reader,

On of the seminal questions in life is, "what I am I doing this for?" We are born, given no instructions, are relegated to facing various hardships based on the actions of people who came before us, and are expected to be "good people" or contributory citizens. There is no rhyme or reason for this kind of foolishness and insanity. Being born and waking up every day literally makes no sense. So, why and for what? Whatever excuse you come up with is just you gaslighting yourself.

Reconnect with Your Inner Self

On the main website we are featuring our faith based articles and threads! We want to inspire and encourage you to reconnect with you inner self this season. You're a spiritual being having a physical experience and it's important for you to nourish and spend time with yourself in a spiritually inclined way. Visit our website now for more information.

What I am Interested in This Week:

A Symbolic (and Maybe Literal) Middle Finger

On Friday the United States House of Representatives voted on a $1.2 trillion omnibus spending bill funding the government for the rest of fiscal year 2024. This bill is a monstrosity and a betrayal of the American people. Look at the republican yea nay split. 101 republicans voted for this bill while 112 voted against it. This bill perpetuates the wars happening in Ukraine and Israel, and while there is U.S. border funding in this bill, there is no oversight. Regardless of that however, the main point of republicans barely winning anything in 2022 was so they could stem government spending.

House Speaker Mike Johnson ascended to that position after Representative Matt Gaetz brought a motion to vacate to the floor against then speaker, Kevin McCarthy, for trying to do the same thing Speaker Johnson just did. This bill came in the dead of the night, is over 1000 pages long, and no representative had an opportunity to propose amendments. Regardless of how you feel about this objectively less than stellar bill passing, the middle finger of this bill which has been the case now for several years is that regardless of who is in power whether it be the democrats with their speaker election and force the vote back in 2019, or now with the republicans, if you're an American or effected by American imperialism, the people who make decisions that impact your quality of life could care less about you.

The republicans are too afraid to force a shutdown over government spending and would rather "live to fight another day." The only issue is when you do something this weak your constituents become disillusioned and unwilling to turn out to vote for your 77 year old leading candidate with 91 indictments, and a half a billion dollar bond payment due today. These losers and the pundits who are in favor of this bill care more about their position than doing what's right. This is societal disintegration and a tell, tell sign of the American experiment slowly but surely coming to an end.

I hope one day Japan and whoever else that keeps buying our debt and using our dollars just stops on the account of fiscal irresponsibility and the whole planet goes into economic upheaval. And if there is a demon in a high place that wants to push the literal nuclear button over a piece of paper, let them be made known and take full responsibility for the end of the human race. Click here to read an article on this story.

Word of Encouragement

This week I want to encourage you to keep your head up high. Rebuke pride for it is sinful, but have some dignity and respect for yourself. There are a lot of people who allow themselves to be possessed by the devil and demons and allow those entities to take control of their mind and body. There are other people who are evil enough on their own where they are willing servants of the devil. When those things try to disrupt your peace which is what they want to do because they are haters and wish they weren't going to hell, don't be afraid of them. They aren't humans. You don't have to respect anyone who doesn't respect you. Being better sometimes means utterly destroying your opposition no matter where they come from or how many times they come. A winning strategy isn't a capitulation.

God bless us all this week! Happy Holy Week. Go in peace, and be the fullness of the person you were meant and created to be in a healthy way!

All the best,


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